Nominate a candidate

We welcome nominations for candidates for both the Anna Lindh Prize, and grants. Do you know of, or are you engaged in an organisation or project which promotes the issues that the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund aim to encourage? Then you are welcome to contact the secretariat per email at

The Prize and grants are always awarded for the work an individual or organisation carries out, and the money awarded is aimed at supporting on-going projects, or the continuation of projects.

For a nomination to be considered, we ask that it is submitted in Swedish or English and that the required information below is included.

Nominate a candidate

Anyone nominating a candidate should be well informed about the person, project or organisation they are nominating and be familiar with the objectives and goals of the project. However, it is up to the person nominating to decide whether to notify the nominee of the nomination.

How to nominate:

  1. State the name, address, email and telephone number of both the nominee and the person nominating.
  2. Describe your relationship with the nominee, such as for example whether you have a professional, financial or political relationship.
  3. Write a short introduction to the work of the nominee. This information is vital to us as it is the first information the secretariat and the Board of Directors will have about the nominee.
  4. Briefly state the reasons for the nomination and motivation as to why you think the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund should reward the project/individual.

If the nominee’s work is carried out within a subject area in which we have little insight and experience, finding the right information in time may prove challenging. Any additional information on the subject is therefore gratefully accepted.

When nominating yourself:

  1. State your name, the name of the organisation or the project and your contact details.
  2. Give a short introduction to your project, describe how long the project has been active, and give an account of the number of staff or volunteers.
  3. Submit a short biography of yourself, the founder of the organisation, and the current project manager.
  4. Submit any written material produced by your project or about your organisation. Unfortunately, we cannot return any such material.
  5. Describe your current financial status and current budget. Has the project received any larger donations? Do any financial ties exist between staff, members of the organisation, government and/or a political party?
  6. Describe how the Prize or a grant would make a difference to your work.

Good luck, and thank you for your contribution!