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The Anna Lindh Memorial Fund is funded entirely by donations from private citizens, businesses and organisations. Violence may never be allowed to conquer over faith in change through peaceful means and democratic channels.We gratefully accept all donations, regardless of amount. We warmly welcome your support of our work through honouring the memory of Anna Lindh.

There are a number of ways to support our work.

You can make a donation of your choice to our Bankgiro account. If your gift is from outside Sweden you need the following information:

Bank: Swedbank, IBAN: SE20 8000 0890 1169 3734 3504, BIC:SWEDSESS

We always send a certificate of your donation 2-3 working days after receiving it. Should you need your letter or certificate sooner than that, please contact us by telephone +46 8 411 90 91, or by email: